How To Pick The Best Chest Of Drawers

In almost every home, chest drawers are considered a necessity particularly as they help in reducing clutter. Modern times have made it a common occurrence for individuals to invest in various articles of clothing for different occasions and purposes. Therefore, an individual will have casual, official, and even holiday attire each made from an assortment of fabrics. Official attire, for instance, requires special care while casual garments can be folded and neatly arranged in a chest of draws. So what do you need to look for when selecting chests for your household?


Since a chest of drawers is considered a focal piece of home furniture, it is always better to opt for a mid-sized, low chest of drawers. Such a reasonable size adds to the style and complements other pieces of furniture such as a dresser and/or a make-up table. Not only does it conserve space within the room for future use, but it also adds to the ambiance by leaving more wall space for paintings and pictures.


There is an influx of designs in the global market, most of which are made from cheap and synthetic materials. Whether it is a dresser or a chest of draws, the best quality is often that of sculpted wood. There are various types of wood that are commonly used in high-quality furniture such as mahogany, birch, ash, oak, and maple which are good value for money. In some heritages, such household items are even passed down generations as heirlooms because they are designed from durable materials that are easy to maintain.


At times, you may be necessitated to compromise on size depending on the volume of clothes that you wish to keep in the drawers. It is for this reason that others opt for a design with more chest drawers while those with fewer garments will buy one with a low chest of drawers. Some might even purchase two chests in different designs with alternate dimensions such as narrow-tall or short-wide.

Other factors to consider include the ease of accessibility depending on the target user. It wouldn’t make sense to keep a tall-vertical model in your 4-year old child’s room. Usually, children will opt for the shorter models where they can access their favorite attire especially while they are playing dress-up with their friends. You can peruse through more tips and reviews of the same on Tylko’s blog here